You love the feeling of moving your body when you hit your mat and that powerful sensation after a sweaty practice, seriously can't be beat.

You hit your mat anywhere from 2 to 6 times a week and are feeling like you are at a plateau in your practice.

You want to feel stronger in your body and empowered in your yoga practice.

You want to nail that pose you've been working on.

And you want to correct body imbalances, feel amazing and maybe lose a few pounds.

Because right now, it feels like you are just spinning your wheels in your Sun Salutations.

You want to get stronger in your yoga practice but you don't know what to do...​

If that's the way you're feeling right now, you're in the right place.



Fiercely Strong Yogis™

is a strength and conditioning program for dedicated yoga students who want to feel empowered in their body,

stronger in their yoga practice

and confident executing movements inside & outside the yoga room.

Fiercely Strong Yogis™ is a 4 week series for dedicated yogis who want to learn how to add in strategic strength training to correct body imbalances, feel empowered in their body and stronger in their yoga practice.



You'll also receive encouragement and support during and after the 4 week program with automatic entry into the private FSY Facebook group where we share our wins, questions, challenges and support each other after our time together because your wellness journey doesn't stop after 4 weeks.

How to confidently workout to support and strengthen your personal yoga practice
Confidence to nail your "goal pose"
How to eat to support your wellness journey
To embrace your inner Yoga Athlete and become the strongest version of yourself both in your yoga practice and in your everyday life

I've programmed this with the modern day yogi in mind.  So that means, every exercise is programmed for you to get stronger in your yoga practice.

Speaking of community, you get the guidance from myself (with over 17 years in the fitness industry and over 10 years as a yoga teacher!) and support from your fellow yogis through the Facebook group.

Did I mention this is a customized program?  I created this program with step-by-step progressions so any yogi, regardless of ability can do it.  Plus I will be live in the Facebook group so I can answer any questions you might have in real time!

I want to give you tools so you can be successful.  I'll be sharing tips, tools and guidelines so after your 4 weeks you can confidently workout on your own or move into one of my customized coaching packages.



I get you.  I feel you.  Because I was you. 

Not too long ago, I thought that all I needed to do to be fit, healthy and nail those goal yoga poses was just do more yoga.  


Spoiler alert: To accomplish body compositional changes and address body/structural imbalances you need more than just a 60 minute yoga class a few times a week.  


After a ton of research, some soul searching and stepping out of my comfort zone, I realized that for me, I need to incorporate strategic strength training that focuses on my body imbalances (because we all have them!) and to get strong so I can, in turn, get stronger in my yoga practice.

After embracing my inner 'Yoga Athlete' and experiencing solid results, I realized that other yogis might feel the same way too, so I created a program that will leave yogis feeling stronger in their practice, empowered in their body along with the support system that makes the yoga community so special.  


Yoga changed my life.  Resistance training changed my yoga practice.  


I've worked with yogis across the age spectrum and at various levels of fitness who all have the same intention to get stronger both on and off their yoga mat, maybe loose a few pounds and move through their vinyasa without feeling exhausted by the last Sun Salutation.

I had a great time! And it was a good kick in the butt for me. Being part of a group also helped with my accountability and helped encourage me.

Before we started our sessions, I was a little worried about reinjury or not being able to keep up with the group because it's been a couple of years since I had done this kind of strength training in a gym setting.  Andrea  answered my questions and reassured me that it was going to be okay, and it was.  I had a great time! And it was a good kick in the butt for me. Being part of a group also helped with my accountability and helped encourage me.

At first I was worried the program wouldn't be long enough to merit results and the workouts would either be too easy/too hard and I'd have wasted my time with another program that didn't work for me.   But Andrea talked through my reservations and offered ways to kick it up or take the workouts down a notch.  Definitely a program that caters to all levels from beginner to advanced yogis.

In all honesty, I was scared that I would die after every session.  I did (in a good way)  and I felt great after.  I felt stronger after every session.  I think the approach Andrea used when introducing the exercises really helped. I also think giving us partners that had the similar strengths and weaknesses also helped. I didn't feel intimidated working out with my partner and we're actually thinking about training with Andrea together!

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I created this group program so you can get access to all the guidance, information and accountability you need without having to make a higher ticket investment.

With this program, you won't need to invest thousands of dollars in a personal trainer.

You won't need to juggle competing and conflicting advice.  I give you simple healthy habits that you can start implementing in your life RIGHT AWAY.

And you won't have to navigate the time-consuming trial and error that goes along with finding a balanced health and wellness program that really suits you.

Choose how you want your program the be delivered:

Direct Download, Self-Paced

Pre & Post Assessment Protocols with customizable workbook to track your progress


4 weeks of customized strength training: 2 x 60 min workouts a week including a warm-up, resistance training, and stretching/mobility work


Exercise Library with video demonstrations - so you know exactly how to perform each exercise


Weekly nutrition lessons, so you learn to eat to support your yoga goals


Immediate access to Private FSY Facebook Group


Can complete anywhere at any time, as long as you have access to barbells, dumbbells and medicine balls.


A stronger and more empowered yoga practice in 4 weeks!



In-Person, Personally Guided by Andrea

**Only open to those living in the Greater Toronto Area

Pre & Post Assessment Protocols to track your progress


4 weeks of customized strength training: 2 x 60 min workouts a week including a warm-up, resistance training, and stretching/mobility work facilitated at HARD Studio in Etobicoke, Ontario 1-on-1 with Andrea


Unlimited access to Hard Studio during the 4 weeks.


Accountability & support during sessions - knowing that your execution is on point at all times


Exercise Library with video demonstrations - so you know exactly how to perform each exercise


Weekly nutrition lessons, so you learn to eat to support your yoga goals


Immediate access to Private FSY Facebook Group


A stronger and more empowered yoga practice in 4 weeks!





Next Steps:

Choose your delivery method by signing up and complete your payment.


Expect to receive and email from me ( within 24-48 hours to give you access to the Facebook group and get you up and running to a stronger, more empowered self and yoga practice.


Take a deep breath and get ready to ROCK!!

What if it's too easy/too hard?

This is an all level program that I've created.  Each exercise has ways to adapt up or down depending on level of ease and difficulty.  You can find these progressions in the exercise library.


Remember, this program is about shifting imbalances and getting your body moving and functional before we want to think about going gangbusters.


What if I've never lifted weights before?

The more reason to give this a try!  If you've never lifted weights before this is a great opportunity to get started and learn the right way to lift so that way you can do so correctly and can confidently move forward.  

How much time do I need to commit to this program?

The workouts are 60-70 minutes in length and have a full body warm up, resistance training workout and cool down.  If you stay on top of your breaktimes, you ought to be able to complete within that timeframe.


Twice a week for 60-70 minutes in total.  Plus you continue with your regular yoga practice schedule druing this time.


Weekly nutrition lessons take anywhere fom 5 - 10 minutes to read through.

Why do I need to strength train, seriously?

Yoga by itself can be considered a complete practice, if you approach it right. In just 60-90 minutes a couple of times a week, it can deliver strength, flexibility, a good sweat, and stress management all at the same time—which is to say nothing of the pure fun and challenge of doing it. It's even considered a sport these days, where advanced yoga athletes can show off their skills in competition.


However, let's be honest: The average yoga practitioner doesn't train like a yoga athlete. Unless you are going three or more times a week and attending progressively more advanced classes, it can be easy for your practice to become stagnant. You may not even realize it's happening. But if you're consistently unable to nail your ‘goal poses’’ or you find yourself hitting the same ceilings in your practice over and over again, the answer is probably not to do more of what you've been doing.


You have weaknesses that need to be addressed! And some strategic strength training can do just that.

Okay, that sounds great, but what if I get too bulky?

One of the biggest misconceptions around strength training for females in general is that lifting weights will make you bulky.  Here's the thing ladies, unless you are taking anabolic steroids or eating double your food intake, it won't happen.  I promise, pinky swear.


Hormones factor heavily in determining an individual’s size. According to studies, women naturally produce about only 5-7% as much testosterone as men.  That means men produce 14 to 20 times as much testosterone as women, so women won’t increase muscle mass at nearly the same rate unless they supplement with steroids or other performance enhancing drugs.


They can work at the same intensities as men and build lean, slender physiques like fitness models instead of massive bodybuilders. This is absolutely possible, but the bulk thing? Not so much.

To be clear, yes yoga can make you strong.  Resistance training can make you strong.  When you put both together and create a resistance training program that strengthens your yoga practice, you become the strongest version of yourself both in your practice and in everyday life.  Let's break the myth that lifing weights will make you bulky because it ain't true!

What if I have a pre-existing injury?

DIRECT DOWNLOAD: This program is created with some adaptations for body imbalances and progressions, however, if you are currently working with a pre-existing injury, my advice to you would be to rehab your injury first before starting any other fitness routine.  Always remember to check with your doctor/physio/healer before starting any new fitness routine.


IN-PERSON: That's why I meet with you before we get started for pre-assessments, filling out some activity forms and getting to know you and what your body can do before you get started with the training.



Also, it depends on the extent of your injury.  For example, tight hips vs. a broken wrist.  A broken wrist is going to limit you more than tight hips.  


If you are injured and are still thinking about joining and feel like you need to chat with me about it, send me a quick email >>> HERE <<<

What if I'm nervous? I'm asking for a friend, really.

OMG, I get you.  A new activity can be scary and intimidating.  This is why I created this program where you can get support from other yogis who might be as nervous as you through the private Facebook group.  You are not alone.



And, I can tell you, that if you are nervous this might be just the best decision that you can make to get started.  If you need a little more support or want to talk it out a little more, shoot me an email >>>HERE<<<

What if my question isn't here?

Still have a lingering question?  Maybe I skipped something that's super important.  

Fill out the contact form below and I will personally respond to you with your answer.

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So what's stopping you?